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  • Facade Consultants

    Aesthetically the most prominent and defining element of a building, the envelope also has a key role in providing a safe, comfortable and controllable internal environment tailored to the specific functions and activities of its occupants. A poorly conceived and executed facade can create problems that, without dramatic and often costly interventions, will persist throughout the building’s service life.
  • Advice

    The Europa Facade Consultancy provides advice on the design, procurement and construction of new building envelopes and on the opportunities available for the refurbishment, encapsulation and replacement of existing facades.
  • Performance

    Even with increasingly rigorous legislation and regulations governing energy consumption and carbon emissions, consideration of the essential role that the facade plays in the performance of a building is often applied too late to allow opportunities to be maximised.
  • Value

    By securing our involvement at an early stage of a project, our advice can help you make substantial savings. Our expertise combines appropriate design with a detailed appreciation of interfacing issues, generating sustainable and economic solutions that simultaneously reduce your building construction and running costs.

Facade engineering is a relatively new addition in the field of building consultancy services.

“Facades have become complicated beyond the skills of traditional architects, structural and mechanical engineers. Façades require a dedicated engineer with a specific range of skills and experience, who understands their complex behaviour and can undertake their design, manufacture and installation safely, efficiently and comprehensively.”

For an explanation of the role of a facade engineer and the added value that this discipline brings to a project click here

"The facade of a modern building is one of the most expensive and important elements of building construction and can represent up to 35% of construction costs." Anthony Orelowitz, Paragon Architects