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The projects listed below are all recent ventures where our Director during the course of his career, which included a tenure as Associate Director at an international consultancy, was a key contributor to the design and delivery teams. The projects reflect the diversity and scale of projects that Europa are currently engaged in.


Hull Royal Infirmary Main Ward tower block

This iconic late 1960s 14-storey building is the main ward block for Hull Royal Infirmary and the flagship building of Hull City NHS Trust. The first phase of the project will stabilise the failing concrete façade; once completed, the façade will be encapsulated to protect the structure from further deterioration. The resulting improvement in thermal performance and reduction in air permeability will allow a more controllable internal environment.

Sidwell Street ExeterSidwell Street, Exeter.

This project required the refurbishment and regeneration of two adjoining 1960s retail blocks (seven- and four-storey), to extend the service life of the building by 30 years. Having removed the irreparable concrete elements of the building, the remaining elements were stabilized and overclad. The new façade creates a more attractive envelope, returning the building to its rightful position as a principal component of the Exeter cityscape. The new envelope will have a thermal performance exceeding current regulatory requirements.

Paddington Intergrated Project (Crossrail)Paddington Integrated Project (Crossrail)

The project incorporates a large filigree glass canopy, protecting the main concourse area whilst allowing the spacious environment to be filled with sunlight. The canopy forms the main component of the above ground section of the new London Underground station, and has been carefully designed to blend with the historic London streetscape.

Vermilion, Canning Town

This 321 unit residential tower block complete with ground floor retail area is key to Newham Council’s Canning Town and Custom House regeneration vision for this East London community. A total project spend of £3.7 billion will transform these areas, providing up to 10,000 new homes and two improved commercial centres.

Tate Britain, Vauxhall

A complete overhaul of the nine galleries on the south west quadrant of the Tate building created new public facilities. Refurbishment of several hundred sq/m of roof included replacement of the existing rooflights with automated reactive highly insulated rooflights. Part of the brief was to ensured that light levels into the galleries was carefully controlled and direct light was excluded. As well as more traditional pitched rooflights, the roofscape included a number of polyhedric and domed atria.

The University of Sheffield Arts Tower

This refurbishment of a 20-storey Grade II* listed concrete framed tower block constructed in the 1960s included the unprecedented replacement of the listed façade. Ever mindful of the stringent English Heritage requirements the works also had to meet the university’s needs, comprising a strict decant programme, and for the new façade to provide levels of performance more congruent with a modern university building and the expectations of the student populus.

Peninsula Tower

Refurbishment of the 33-storey tower Household Cavalry barracks in the conservation area of Hyde Park. The scope included concrete repairs to all elevations and the replacement of the original zinc roof.

Liverpool John Moores University, Tom Reilly Building

This physical science building was a flagship project for the University. The top three storeys of façade are suspended from roof level, with structural columns set back 4.0m from the cantilevered slab edge creating the illusion that the monolithic element of the building is supported by a two-storey wall of glass.

West Cheshire Colleges, Ellesmere Port and Handbridge campuses

Handbridge College is of a traditional arrangement with a square foot print. Three rectangular blocks form a u-shape around a central courtyard, with the main entrance atrium forming the building’s principle fourth side.

Chiswick House Café

Sited in a Grade I listed landscape the new cafe is part of the Chiswick House and Gardens Regeneration project, the design of the façade reflects the quality and elegance of its surroundings.

Kings Mill Hospital, Mansfield

This £300 million, five-storey, 654 bed, 110,000 sq/m PFI project included a large low level south facing façade which produced a light and spacious transient zone for the Diagnostic and Treatment Centre. The upper-level façades provided the wards in the tower blocks with views of the countryside and reservoir directly opposite.

Pembury Hospital, Tunbridge Wells.

This £225 million, 65,000 sq/m project included a mixture of stick built, unitised and hybrid cladding and curtain wall systems. Each system was carefully selected in consideration of the potential deflections of the large span thin post-tensioned concrete slabs. Due to the post tensioning, many of the façade fixings had to be cast into slab, requiring the façade design principles to be developed at the project outset.